PrintOS Site Flow can send postback messages to an external URL to report on the status of orders as they progress through the system.

The job states that Site Flow can respond to are:

  • Order Received - A successful order was entered into Site Flow.
  • Order PrintReady - All asset files have been uploaded and any pre-flight/batching/imposition processes are complete
  • Component Printed - An individual component of the order has completed printing.
  • Order Cancelled - The order was cancelled through the user interface or over the API.
  • Order Errored - The order went into an error state.
  • Shipment Dispatched - One of the shipments for this order has shipped.


One or more triggers can be setup within Site Flow based on these states.  The body of the response is quite flexible and can be created in one of the formats below:

  • JSON (preferred)
  • HTML
  • XML
  • SVG
  • ZPL (for zebra label printers)


The response messages can be configured to contain a variety fields containing order information, shipment information etc.  However, some of these fields may not be available during all order states.  For example shipping information such as tracking numbers are not generated until the order is ready to be shipped.

An example order printready response in JSON format is shown below

	timestamp: '2016-03-28T17:55:47.191Z',
	sourceOrderId: '12341200',
	status: 'printready' 


Note:  Although there is a field for a postback URL in the order JSON, this capability is not currently supported.  Postback URLs are set at a system level within the Site Flow application and apply to all orders.