PrintOS Cloud Service releases first APIs

By Warren Volkmann, Editor
HP Developers Portal

Print Service Providers and 3rd party developers that want to improve their operations and profitability can now tap HP’s new PrintOS APIs, available through this HP Developers Portal.

HP's PrintOS (beta) is an operating system for Print Service Providers of all sizes and across all industry segments. PrintOS helps them improve their operations and profitability, and drives performance and growth. PrintOS is built upon industry-leading security and privacy standards, is cloud-based, IT-free, and open. And it's accessible any time, anywhere.

Two APIs launched. More to come.

Print providers and 3rd party developers can get started with two practical APIs:

  • Box Submission
  • Site Flow

The Box Submission API (“Box” for short) allows 3rd party applications to submit jobs directly into the PrintOS Box, query for available resources and control existing jobs.

The Site Flow API submits jobs directly for production. The API provides basic job status, information, updates and can cancel jobs.

More APIs will be released in the future.


The PrintOS Box application allows user to easily upload and manage files between customers and print service providers, while providing automated services like pre-flighting and print automation.

The RESTful-based Box API allows an authenticated method for securely managing:

  • Contacts - Query / Add / Delete contacts
  • Folders - Query / Add / Delete folders
    • Upload a file to an existing folder
  • Files - Query / Delete / Update files
    • Request pre-flight check on a file
    • Convert an image file to a PDF or revert back to the original image
    • Send a file to a specific device
    • Revert a file back to the original version
  • Dashboard - Pull information shown on the main PrintOS Box widget

Site Flow API

The PrintOS Site Flow API allows 3rd party applications to validate and submit orders to the Site Flow production application.

The PrintOS Site Flow API is a RESTful HTTP-based API that allows you to:

  • Validate and submit production orders
  • Query and cancel existing orders
  • Receive postback messages for order status updates

Submission of orders into Site Flow consist of two parts:

  1. Creating an authentication HMAC based on a provided Key / Secret for a given Print Service Provider.
  2. Submission of an order via HTTP POST, which includes:
    1. The Print Service Provider account name
    2. One or more Items
    3. Information about one or more components related to the order items
    4. One or more shipments containing the order items

To learn about the PrintOS APIs and request API access, go to the PrintOS home page on the HP Developers Portal.

Author : TheSkipper