Device API

PrintOS Device SDK

Quickly and securely provision and connect your device to the PrintOS Cloud Platform. For presses, printers, finishing devices, Digital Front Ends, and other PSP devices.

Introducing the PrintOS Device API

The PrintOS Device API enables device manufacturers or print shop IT developers to quickly attach their devices to the PrintOS Cloud Platform. Once provisioned, devices can make secure REST calls to interact with the platform's APIs to send device status and perform other operations. The basic steps consist of:

Provisioning: making an initial REST call to ask PrintOS for a device login and password

Login: logging the device in and obtaining a session ID token

Interaction: using the session ID to make subsequent REST calls to provide device status or other operations

Getting Started

NOTE:  Integrating your device into the PrintOS environment typically requires the addition of your device type(s) into the list of supported devices.  Please click the "Request API Access" link below and fill out the related form fields to request the addition of your devices.

Visit the forums and ask any questions you may have about the Device API. A forum support member will usually respond within 24 hours.

Request API Access