Device Status

Device Status

Once the device has logged in to PrintOS and has received a session ID, the device can begin interacting with PrintOS services. In this example we will send device status information to PrintOS.

Example Status Update


HTTP Method

HTTP Header

POST /api/system-statistics/v1/devices Indigo-SmS-Auth-Token
  • The Indigo-Sms-Auth-Token should be set to the authToken value returned when the device logged into PrintOS.



Example Request Body


    "deviceStatus": "DS_ON",

    "totalJobs": "10",

    "printTimeComplete": "2016-11-01T10:04:24.0"



The deviceStatus field can be one of the following:

  • DS_ON: the device is turned on and responding
  • DS_OFF: the device is turned off (or is in the process of turning off, send this when the device is shutting down)
  • DS_PRINTING: the device is currently printing
  • DS_STANDBY: the device is in standby or sleep mode
  • DS_ERROR: the device is in an error state
  • DS_RIPPING: the device is in a ripping state

The totalJobs field indicates how many jobs are waiting in the active queue for the device. If your device does not know this value it can be omitted.


The printTimeComplete field allows the device to tell PrintOS approximately when the current queue of work will be complete. The value should contain an ISO 8601 date and time. If your device does not know this value it can be omitted.