PrintBeat Jobs API is missing data from one (of two) DFEs

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Posted: 16 January 2020 - 1:30pm
PrintBeat Jobs API is missing data from one (of two) DFEs

I recently have subscribed to the Jobs API but the data that I'm receiving is lacking one of our DFEs...

My organisation (PrintOS name: "CCL Industries - Avery Europe") has two Indigo installations:

1) based in Raunds/UK, installed about 5-6 years ago - DFE Release 7.2 DF5

2) based in Oberlaindern/Germany, installed 3 days(!) ago - DFE Release 7.2 DF5

Both DFEs are successfully registered with our PrintOS account. Now, if I'm trying to retrieve data via the Jobs API, I'm only receiving data from the brand-new DFE in Germany but not from the one in the UK!

Using the Print Beat frontend in the PrintOS portal, I can perfectly see the job details of the press/DFE in the UK. This tells me that the UK DFE is successfully collecting all the data and even sending it up to the HP PrintOS environment. BUT, somehow the Jobs API has no access to it - for whatever reason...

Can you please look into it and hopefully enable the data flow of the UK's press/DFE data to the Jobs API?

Thanks, Carsten