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Welcome to the Immersive developer community forum.
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PrintOS community discussion and support.
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SmartStream SDKs

Improve production efficiency and produce high-value applications using HP SmartStream solutions.
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Client Management Solutions

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management.
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HP Client Management Script Library

Community discussion and support for HP Client Management Script Library.
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HP DaaS Proactive Management

Support, discussion and community regarding HP DaaS Proactive Management.

PrintOS Composer API


PrintOS PrintBeat API

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PrintOS PrintBeat Jobs API

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PrintOS SiteFlow API

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Production Center REST API SDK

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Production Pro JDF SDK

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SmartStream Production Center Product & SDKs

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PrintOS Device API

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Production Center JDF SDK

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SmartStream Production Pro SDKs

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PrintOS Box API

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Mobile Scan SDK

This forum is for the purpose of discussing the Mobile Scan SDK; its uses and functionality across the iOS and Android platforms.
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25 Sep 2020
Android 10 Beta2 Feedback Period Extended

Android 10 Beta2 Feedback Period Extended

The Android 10 Beta2 feedback period has been extended through October 9 to provide app developers more time to test their apps. Please don't miss out on this final opportunity to provide feedback or report issues before Android 10 is released to the public in the next major FutureSmart firmware upgrade.

While HP does everything possible to ensure backward compatibility, we know there is simply no substitute for developers testing their own apps on new Android versions. And where backward compatibility cannot be maintained (due to security changes, deprecation of APIs, etc.) these Beta periods provide you the extra time needed to make the necessary changes to your apps before customers upgrade their devices.

Please complete your testing/verification by October 9 to ensure time to address any issues found.

2 Sep 2020
Android10 Beta2 Starts Now

Android 10 Beta2 Starts Now! 

Thank you to all of the HP Workpath App developers who participated in the initial Android10 Beta, especially if you reported issues. Only by working together can we achieve a high quality release and minimize any customer disruptions when they upgrade their devices.

If you missed it or if you simply want to verify that we've fixed an issue you already reported, HP is happy to announce the availability of Android10 Beta2.

Moving the HP Workpath Platform to API 29 will require additional testing on your part to check for compatibility with your app. And in some cases, code changes and resubmission for App Center V&V will be required.

Download the Android10 Beta2 firmware from the Download page now and take it for a test drive with your app.

Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall all apps and remove the printer from HP Command Center (if the printer had been previously added)
2. Perform a format disk operation
3. Install the Android 10 Beta2 firmware from a USB thumb drive
4. Configure the printer’s web proxy (if necessary)
5. Register the printer with HP Web Services (if necessary)
6. Enable LDB mode
7. Install your app using the latest HPKTool
8. Push your app’s App Attestation debug credentials using the latest HPKTool (if necessary)
9. Run your app, noting all anomalies encountered

For any anomalies found, first check the release notes for known issues. Then check your usage of the APIs. In our testing so far, most of the anomalies were actually due to the app’s incorrect use of the APIs or reliance on deprecated APIs (For example, using targetSDKVersion < 26).

If an unknown defect in the Workpath Platform is proven or even strongly suspected, please report it through the Workpath SDK support forum. Indicate in your post that you are using the Android10 Beta2 firmware image.

Please complete your testing/verification by October 2 to ensure time to address any issues found.

1 Sep 2020
Improving the Validation and Verification Process for Workpath Apps

Improving the Validation and Verification Process for Workpath Apps

HP continues to invest in our platforms and process to help developers innovate with speed and security on the HP Workpath Platform. We are excited to announce a major improvement to the VAV submissions process, migrating from a date-driven submission period to an On-Demand VAV process completing reviews within 72 hours. Developers wanted the VAV process to support fast innovation, customers’ needs and the occasional bugfix. So now as a developer you can submit your app for VAV anytime you wish, and we will target 3 business days to complete the security review of your Workpath app! We are starting these improvements now as a trial (not yet reflected in the App Center UI) and expect more improvements in the coming months as part of our October Workpath Release.

Here are steps below that describes updates to the Workpath app VAV Process.

Previous VAV Process: (8 days up to 5 weeks)

  • 1st Thursday of the Month VAV Submission Deadline
  • VAV Deadline +8 Days, your App Security Review Report is Posted on App Center
  • 3rd Thursday of the Month Resubmissions of Apps Accepted (new versions)
  • Resubmission VAV Date +3 Days, App Security Review Report is Posted on App Center

New On-Demand VAV Process: (up to 4 Business days)

  • You can submit an App for VAV in App Center at any time
  • +3 days from your App Submission, App Security Review Report Posted on App Center
  • When your app passes VAV; the HP Publishing team makes your app Available in HP Command Center within 1 business day of VAV completion
  • Resubmissions of Apps (New Versions) accepted anytime

Here are some specifics of our new HP Workpath App VAV submission process.

Resubmissions of failed apps can happen any time, we suggest prior to your app resubmission that you address ALL the critical, high and medium issues flagged in your app.
VAV submission limitations do apply. Number of VAV’d passed versions is based on the App Center Program you choose for your app. (Private, Listed Transacted)
If you have specific security notes that you would like to share with our security team, you can submit them along with your app as a comment and/or an attachment within App Center.

We know that high demand can occur for HP Workpath VAV services. In the event we high demand occurs we will move quickly to catch up, and in the meantime we will prioritize app security reviews to minimize customer and developer impact.

HP App Center will complete a high level automated scan of your app when submitted, If you are interested in the additional security items we review for your app you can download documentation here.

Please visit the enroll and publish page for more detailed information on publishing apps.