3D Transformation: The World Can't Wait

The lifecycle of products, by Chandrakant PatelFrom his vantage at HP Labs, Chandrakant Patel can't quite predict the future, but he can see what is coming. When he considers the future of 3D printing – including HP's Multi Jet Fusion – Patel sees a new, more efficient way to manufacture parts and products.

In the next decade, the transformation of engineering to 3D printing will accelerate in light of the social, economic and ecological constraints. Lifetime energy analysis will become a key analytical component when it comes to designing products, with the unit of energy – the joule – as currency, rather than dollars.

Patel takes an in-depth look at the efficiencies of 3D design and manufacturing in his article:

3D Transformation: The World Cannot Wait

The article, which he illustrated himself, first appeared in the fall edition of HP Matter magazine.

Author : TheSkipper