Hour of Code family discovered in Oregon, USA

By Warren Volkmann, Editor
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Until the Hour of Code came to Lincoln Elementary School in Corvallis, Oregon, Scott Gilpin never talked with his kids about his programming work at the Oregon State University Foundation. He sometimes talked shop with his wife, Bernadette, who works in Lincolon Elementary’s computer lab. (Her official title is SPOC, for Single Point of Contact.) Bernadette helped to coordinate HP volunteers for Hour of Code classes for every student in the school.

Hour of Code 2015 brought coding home for the Gilpins.

On Tuesday, Conner, their 6-year-old son, had an Hour of Code with his first-grade class. He looked over the choice of coding games – Puppy Adventure, Hot Wheels™ Obstacle Course, Code Monsters, and Scavenger Hunt. He started with Puppy Adventure, then moved up to Obstacle Course. After an hour of coding, he was so excited that that night he told his father all about how he used If-Then statements to race around the course.

“That’s very interesting,” father told son. “I use If-Then statements every day at work.”

After listening to her father and brother talk code, daughter Jessica, 9, spoke up, “When do I get my Hour of Code?”

Checking her schedule, Bernadette told Jessica, “Your class gets an Hour of Code tomorrow.”

At school the next day, Jessica sat down in front of a computer in the lab. She put on the headphones and sized up the games. With her mother looking on, Jessica clicked on Hot Wheels™ Obstacle Course, and crossed the starting line to what could become a lifetime of coding.

At home Wednesday night, the whole family talked code during dinner. (They all agreed that Repeat Statements are a real time saver so you don’t have to keep writing If-Then statements.)

“It was an absolute blast having something we could all talk about,” Bernadette said. “For the kids, it was fun, like learning a secret code. For Scott and I, it was valuable because we can see what the future looks like. Hour of Code has given them knowledge that they will be able to use to be successful no matter what they do.”

After dinner, Jessica was so excited that she didn’t want to go to bed. She asked her mother to load the Hour of Code app onto the family computer. However, it was too late for game playing on a school night. But after Jessica was asleep, Bernadette loaded the app onto the family’s tablet.

“It will be ready for her when she gets home from school.”

For the Gilpin family in Oregon, Hour of Code has over-delivered on its vision. Hour of Code not only showed the Gilpin kids that they can code, it gave the whole family something to share.

Hour of Code gave the Gilpin family lots to talk about.


Author : TheSkipper

<p>I agree - the Hour of Code was an awesome experience for the kids and for us volunteers!&nbsp; So glad HP supported this!</p>