HP CTO wishes for time travel in HP Innovation Journal for Fall 2016

In the fall issue of HP's Innovation Journal, CTO Shane Wall wishes he could bring back Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who founded HP in 1938 and sparked all of Silicon Valley. 

"Time travel is one innovation our Labs team hasn’t cracked yet. Just now, I wish we had.

"I would invite our founders, Bill and Dave, to the first Global Partner Conference of the new HP Inc. And I’d hand them a copy of the Innovation Journal.

"I think they’d smile when they opened it up to the 'Rise of the Makers' feature article. It would be a perfect snapshot of HP’s past and future: the quintessential, original makers reading about today’s Maker Movement. They’d be pleased and excited by the role HP is playing in the Maker community, and how vibrant the spirit of innovation continues to be. They’d no doubt remark upon how lucky today’s makers are to have such amazing tools at our disposal. (Why, making in the late 30’s was like walking five miles in the snow to school, barefoot!)

"I’d show them how far and wide their company has grown, with channel partner relationships as the backbone of our business. Their earliest emphasis on innovation and good relationships laid the foundation for the partnerships we have today. Partnerships that yield incredible new technologies and solutions to complex problems. Partnerships that help us deliver those solutions to customers around the globe.

"I often say that “innovation is culture.” This is true when technology developed in our labs finally arrives in the form of an exciting new product. It’s equally true when you look at process innovation and digital transformation—critical and ongoing activities for the new HP, for our channel partners, and for our customers in every industry.

"In this issue of the Journal, you can read about many ways that HP innovations are having an impact: in medicine, in music and the arts, in sustainability efforts, and of course on a generation of makers who are about to bring their innovations to life using the 3D printer we are delivering this fall. It has never been more exciting to be at HP. I wouldn’t mind a little time travel to see how today’s breakthroughs will change the world in 20 years. But for all the reasons you’ll read about in this issue and countless more, today’s a pretty amazing time to be in."

 Check out the Fall 2016 Innovation Journal. See what Bill and Dave could never have dreamed of. 

Shane Wall

Chief Technology Officer
and Global Head of HP Labs

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Author : TheSkipper