HP launches Tech Ventures group to invest in startups

HP Inc. – Silicon Valley's original garage startup – announced today the creation of HP Tech Ventures, a corporate venture group dedicated to finding "early stage companies with cutting edge technologies."

HP CTO Shane Wall (left) appeared on CNBC to announce the new team. (Editor's note: Please copy this link to watch Shane's video:  http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000516566)

"The next technology revolution is shifting towards strategic markets that speak to HP's strengths," Wall said in a press release. "With our global brand and broad reach into consumer and commercial markets worldwide, HP can help startups bring product to market, build their business and scale in the global marketplace as they grow."

The 8-person Tech Ventures team, operating from Palo Alto and Tel Aviv, Israel, will be led by Andrew Bolwell, who carries the title "Chief Disrupter." The team will be looking for disruptive new technologies that can keep HP reinventing for another 75 years.

HP Tech Ventures will focus on these areas:

  • 3D transformation
  • Immersive computing
  • Hyper-mobility
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart machines

Contact HP Tech Ventures at: http://techventures.hp.com.

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Author : TheSkipper