Innovation Journal shows where HP and the world are headed

This week HP published the second issue of the Innovation Journal, a company magazine devoted to "inventing the blended world of tomorrow."  The Spring 2016 issue was guided by the theme: Charting a course for the future.

The Innovation Journal is your chance to share in what the finest minds in HP are seeing. The journal sets its focus beyond the day-to-day product revs and rev-to-rev techno-tweaks. It searches for emerging technologies and megatrends that will profoundly impact our lives, like the rise of mega-cities.

In this issue

The Spring issue pauses to look back over 50 years of innovation at HP Labs, where LED lights, pocket calculators, atomic clocks, and many computer architectures were invented.  

Getting back to the future, the Innovation Journal considers:

This issue's Innovation Spotlight considers the role of the HP Sprout Pro and Elite X3 in the way we get things done.

You will also learn about ​HP people, including talented employees in Taiwan and Brazil.

Read the Innovation Journal on the website or download the PDF. (Since this is HP Inc., the PDF is formatted nicely for printing. It's what we do.)


Author : TheSkipper