Empower your application with enhanced access to HP's TWAIN drivers

Welcome to the HP Developers Portal website for the HP ScanJet and Digital Sender TWAIN SDKs.  Here you can obtain the solutions that will enable you to unlease the power of HP's scanners by tightly integrating our TWAIN drivers to your application.  The SDKs include drivers, documentation, and example code to get you started and easily tap into functionality that is not available through the standard TWAIN interface specification.

The SDK documention includes section on:

  • Understanding TWAIN
    • TWAIN specification
    • HP unique functionality
  • Instructions and use of example code
  • FAQ


The TWAIN SDKs are offered in two different categories:  the TWAIN SDK itself and additional solutions that allow for access using different technologies (e.g. .NET).  These solutions are intended specifically for use with the Windows TWAIN driver.

TWAIN-compatible Application

The main solution includes drivers, documentation, and example code to use the HP ScanJet TWAIN drivers to their fullest capabilities.  Read the Release notes for more details on what we provide.

Other Solutions

Other solutions provide interfaces to the Windows TWAIN driver, such as .NET.  The TWAIN driver is installed and together with the provided files an API is provided for best integration.

Related ScanJet solutions

In addition to the Windows TWAIN drivers (and related SDKs available here) we have several other solutions

  • Most of HP's scanners have Mac solutions.  Look for the ScanJet model in
  • Linux SANE drivers are available in the HP Developers Portal on the HPLIP site.
  • Mobile scan solution - HP JetAdvantage Capture app - is available on the Google Play Store, Apple Store, and for Windows Mobile/Modern.  And the apps have SDKs as well.


Request Access

To access and use the SDKs you will have to register for this site.  You will need to provide your information as well as the email of your HP contact.  Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified when you have access to this TWAIN SDK portal.