Exporting job using JDF

How to create a job and export into a JLT file in some system/internet/network folder instead of keeping on DFE and printing it, only using JDF?

I tried to use a Device propriety but it explicity needs a DeviceID (but what is the DeviceId of a folder...?).


Any help will be apreciated.

Sorry for the delay in sending this, we've been doing some maintanence on our fourms and I didn't get a notification for this post.

We can RIP jobs to a Folder Device which will generate a .jlt file, which can later be sent to a press.   This process is detailed in a document named "JDF_Whitepaper_Submit_Job_to_FolderDevice.pdf" inside the JDF SDK.   It is located in the docs -> Detailed_Documentation folder.

Hopefully this helps, and again appoloiges for the long delay in responding.