How to get Netto Print Time from JDF Ticket?

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Posted: 18 January 2019 - 5:21am
How to get Netto Print Time from JDF Ticket?


We are currently using the former myhpindigo portal to retrieve daily reports (they come in CSV files). In future we want to get rid of these reports and collect the data from the Indigo DFEs directly.

To accomplish this, I took the following approach:

  1. set up a server to retrieve JMF status updates and register it to the Indigo DFEs
  2. for each recieved queue entry update, query the DFE for the Job ticket URLs, retrieve the ticket and store the data in the database

This mechanisim is working so far, but I still have problems to find the informations of the CSV import within the JDF file.

The CSV has the following columns:

  • Press ID : serial number of press; trivial to get
  • Job Name: Name of PDF file, either determined by the JobID itself or found in the RunList
  • Sheets: Number of sheets, in the JDF Audit Pool I can find this information either as ResourceAudit or in the PhaseTime/MediaLink tag
  • Copies: Found in AuditPool/PhaseTime/ComponentLink
  • Impressions: Found in AuditPool/PhaseTime/UsageCounterLink
  • Total Elapsed Time: Found in AuditPool/PhaseTime/ModulePhase(Printing); there is a child GeneralID with idUsage of "hpPrintingStartTime" which marks the start timestamp; the End attribute of the ModulePhase node is the end timestamp; difference between them is the elapsed time
  • Net Print time: This timespan is always smaller than Total Elapsed Time, but I do not have any idea how to find this time within the JDF ticket.

So my question is: How to determine this "Net Print Time"? Is this a timespan between certain JMF status messages? I did not implement a mechanism to save all recieved JMF messages to disk yet, but could I then get a clue how to determine this? Does anybody has an idea what this "Net Print Time" means?