OXPD javascript enrollment

I'm a developer that has created applications on other printer's platforms similar to the oxpd javascript platform, and I would like to get the SDK for it. When I attempt to enroll, it always errors out saying "partner already exist with your domain". What does this mean, and how can I resolve it so I can get the SDK?

same error in .NEt/Java side. Any idea?

Are you referring to this SDK: https://developers.hp.com/oxpd-net-java?  This forum is dedicated to SmartStream SDKs and those devices do not support OXPD javascript.  Those devices that do are laser jets and MFPs, whereas SmartStream drives Commercial and Industrial presses that do extremely high volume.  I also cannot comment on your enrollment issues, I would try the Help menu (at the top of the webpage) that supports the HP Developers website.

Good luck,