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Posted: 21 December 2016 - 2:00pm
SmartStream PPML SDK FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What can I accomplish with the PPML SDK ?
A. PPML is an industry-wide standard maintained by the PODi organization which allows for the creation of personalized print jobs which can be rendered/printed on a wide range of devices. PPML is an XML-based format that defines the layout of documents including variable data content. Proper use of PPML on HP SmartStream digital front ends can allow you to generate variable print pieces, improve RIP speeds by defining re-use of elements and do basic imposition layouts.

Q. What is included in the SDK?
A. The PPML SDK includes documentation that details the HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server's PPML capabilities along with samples and some tools to help with testing validity of generated PPML. Since PPML is an industry standard managed by the PODi organization we do not provide software libraries for generating PPML output. Instead we recommend you go to PODi's website ( ) for additional information regarding the PPML specification. Since PPML is an XML-based format, most software libraries that can create XML should work with generation of PPML.

Q. How can I get access to the SDKs?
A. The PPML SDK is available to the public and free to download. Simply download it from the SDK page after agreeing to HP's End User License Agreement


Q. How can I enable PPML on my HP SmartStream products?
A. PPML is enabled by default on all of our digital front end products. There is no additional licensing or activation necessary.

Q. Can I get development support for developing my own PPML solution?
A. The PPML SDK is intended as a self-service tool for developers. We will try to help with any questions or issues related to our implementation through this forum or other SDK support methods, but we do not provide software-development level support.

Q. What kind of software development capabilities do I need to create my own PPML solution?
A. Generating PPML requires the ability to generate and manipulate XML. A good knowledge of page description languages and how marks/elements are placed on a page is also recommended.

Q. Does HP's PPML implementation support xxx feature in the PPML Specification?
A. HP SmartStream digital front ends currently conform to the PODi PPML 2.2 specification. However, there may be some features within the specification which are not fully implemented in our PPML engine. Please refer to the documentation in the PPML SDK for feature-specific support. Note that we do not currently support PPML 3.0 features such as masks or transparency.

Q. How can I test my PPML output?
A. There are some tools included in the PPML SDK which can help to validate if your PPML is valid for our devices, the PODi website also provides an on-line application to validate PPML. However, we do not currently provide a PPML "viewer" the only option we provide is to render the job on a HP SmartStream digital front end device and view the rendered output in the provided viewer.

Q. Do I have to generate my own PPML?
A. Much like PDF, PostScript and other PDLs in the printing industry there are a number of applications which can generate PPML output. HP SmartStream Designer is an affordable plug-in for popular document creation applications which can generate PPML output. We also have a number of partner applications which can generate variable-data output which can be found on the HP Solution Navigator site. The PPML SDK is recommended only for people who want to generate their own PPML for HP SmartStream digital front ends.

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