SmartStream Production Center JDF SDK FAQs

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Posted: 21 December 2016 - 2:06pm
SmartStream Production Center JDF SDK FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What can I accomplish with the SmartStream Production Center JDF SDK ?
A. JDF is an industry-wide standard for automating job submission and enabling automated communication between various applications or devices within a print shop environment. JDF ticketing will allow you to automate most settings for a job during submission (e.g. setting the production Plan for a job, set due date, copies, etc.) JMF communication allows for automated tracking and control of print jobs, device status monitoring and other similar capabilities. Please refer to the introductory video in the SDK for additional information.

Q. What is included in the SDK?
A. The SDK includes documentation that details HP SmartStream Production Center JDF capabilities and information on how to submit jobs via JDF to the Production Center server. Additionally the SDK provides samples and some tools. Since JDF is an industry standard managed by the CIP4 organization we do not provide software libraries for developing JDF software solutions. Instead we recommend you go to the CIP4 organization's confluence website ( for these libraries.

Q. How can I get access to the SDKs?
A. The JDF SDK is available to the public and free to download. Simply download it from the SDK page after agreeing to HP's End User License Agreement.

Q. How can I enable JDF on my HP SmartStream products?
A. JDF is enabled by default on all of our JDF-supported products. There is no additional licensing or activation necessary.

Q. Can I get development support for developing my own JDF solution?
A. The SmartStream Production Center JDF SDK is intended as a self-service tool for developers. We will try to help with any questions or issues related to our implementation through this forum or other SDK support methods, but we do not provide software-development level support.

Q. What kind of software development capabilities do I need to create my own JDF solution?
A. Capabilities needed vary greatly depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Simple scripting or XML editing capability can enable simple automated job submission through a JDF ticket. However, more complex features like tracking job or device status over JMF could require development of HTTP transmission, automated XML parsing and other related software capabilities.

Q. Can I do xxx feature on my SmartStream device?
A. JDF support varies between various SmartStream products. Please refer to the documentation in the SDK to find out what features are supported on your device(s).