Printing a cup of coffee? Well, almost!

Printing ventured off the page a long time ago. People started printing photos on cakes, printing polish on fingernails, and even printing wraps for cars. But printing on coffee?

See how baristas at Drupa, the giant printing exposition in Germany, served up piping cups of HP coffee. 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The Drupa video was eventually taken down, but this Ripples video on YouTube does an excellent job of showing the joys of java printing.]




The "Ripple Maker" demonstrated at Drupa uses HP Thermal Inkjet printhead technology. It was created by Steam CC, an OEM partner of our Specialty Printing Systems Division. And the ink? Coffee extract.

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Author : TheSkipper


Isso sim é tecnologia unida com criatividade, será que eu poderia usar esse sistema em minha fábrica de salgados congelados