Sprout makes collaboration faster and easier for drone maker McGahee

Tyler McGahee, founder of Seraphim Inc.In a marketplace flooded with drones of all shapes and sizes, Tyler McGahee, founder of Seraphim, Inc., is looking for an edge. He thinks he has found it with his Seraph drone, which is designed to follow and film athletes doing amazing things.

Tyler and his team started using Spout by HP as a 3D design tool, but discovered its usefulness as an online collaboration tool with designers and suppliers around the world.

"We do a lot of collaboration with Sprout," he said. 

Before Sprout, collaboration could be time consuming and laborious.

"If I wanted to show them exactly the change I wanted to make, I had to make a whole 3D model, make all the changes, annotate them, and wait for them to evaluate the changes."

Sprout made it faster and easier.

"Instead of all that, I can show how all the pieces fit together in one page and send it to my whole team really quickly via Sprout. I can open a collaboration session and show them the exact change we need to make. We can reduce all this overhead and meeting time from hours down to minutes. We can move much more quickly with Sprout."  

Watch Tyler's Sprout collaboration video and see his drone in action on YouTube. 




Here is a clip from a video made by a Seraph drone following a cyclist through the autumn woods.

Follow-me video made by a Seraph drone.

Author : TheSkipper