Sprout picked as one of the Top 15 "coolest new tech gadgets" by Cool Mom Tech

It's more than unusual for a Windows PC to make a list of cool gadgets," but the Sprout by HP is much more than the usual Windows PC. It's also a projector and 3D scanner -- basically an input device for home 3D replicating. (We call it an Immersive Computing Platform.)

That's why the editors of Cool Mom Tech picked Sprout as one of "the 15 coolest new tech gadgets of the year." Sprout took its place alongside the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6S, Roku 3, and the uber-useful ThingCHARGER.

Here's what Cool Mom Tech said about the Sprout:

We went to the Maker Faire this year in Brooklyn thanks to our sponsor HP and while we were there, we happened to fall in love with their newest computer for families, the HP Sprout. It’s a powerful Windows PC with a scanner at the top and a touch pad at the bottom, and it’s now got amazing 3D printing and capture capabilities too. All of this makes it a truly outstanding design tool, educational tool, and organizational tool for the whole family. And at a time that people are trading PCs for laptops and tablets, we think HP has helped families reimagine what a home computer is capable of, and setting the bar pretty high in the process.

Sprout Pro

Early in 2016, HP released the Sprout Pro, beefed up to serve educational and professional markets.

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Author : TheSkipper