HP Developer Tools

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Connect with HP 3D Printing: get access to the Jet Fusion API documentation, HP’s 3MF validator tool, and information on 3MF.
Product Knowledge, Warranty, and Subscription APIs to help you manage your fleet of HP devices.
Downloadable software developed by researchers at HP Labs, along with several open source projects that originated here
An HP-developed solution for printing, scanning, and faxing with HP inkjet and laser printers in Linux.
HP's print channel for IFTTT automates printing to 40 million printers on the Internet of Things.
Create apps that manipulate the physical and digital worlds in innovative ways with Sprout’s immersive technology.
A software agent that facilitates communication and device authorization tasks between fleets of HP devices and the JAM platform.
Extend the capabilities of HP printers and scanners. Develop custom business workflows and printing apps with our Open Extensibility Platform
HP latex technology is the best printing choice to customize objects, walls and window blinds
Obtain the SDK, tools and services to implement HP Large Format Printing software and hardware solutions.
Link Technology delivers unique, serialized marks that let you securely track each individual product through its entire life cycle.
Enhance your iOS and Android mobile app with advanced print options.
Enable your mobile app users to scan from HP printers and scanners with confidence.
Go beyond simple document workflows and develop scan and print apps using .NET and Java.
Minimize end user head-scratching. Simplify and speed development of custom MFP scan and print apps.
An orchestration service for running complex PDF and image manipulation workflows.
A portfolio of machine learning algorithms that make it fast and simple to add digital image analysis to your products and services.
A place for software developers to find info about implementing print in software, including web, mobile, and PC applications.
A cloud platform with APIs and Services for developing the next generation of printing industry apps.
Drivers, documentation, and example code to get you started, and easily tap into functionality that is not available through the standard TWAIN interface specification.
Secure, federated document storage in AWS S3. Integrated with 13+ cloud repositories (Box, Google Drive...). Available for use in HP solutions.
Print on Android and iOS to local network printers without using the mobile device’s native print.
Android™ based Samsung printer SDK for the MultiXpress and ProXpress line of MFPs.
Get the most from your HP Commercial Printing presses by automating job submission and data collection using SmartStream SDKs.
Products and resources that enable creative new applications of HP TIJ technology.