Lighthouse Apps

HP Lighthouse Apps


Lighthouse apps are:

  • An open source collection of HP authored Workpath apps​
  • Scan To… Apps
  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to SMB (Network Folder)
  • Cloud Storage Apps
  • HP for Box
  • HP for Dropbox
  • HP for Google Drive
  • HP for OneDrive
  • HP for OneDrive Business
  • HP for Sharepoint

Lighthouse apps provide:

  • Proof that the Workpath Platform supports sophisticated and valuable apps
  • Validation that the Workpath APIs are simple to use and well documented​
  • Componentized sample code to leverage for your own Workpath app development purposes - use the parts you need
  • Demonstration of best practices (security, usability, etc.)
  • Fully functional app source code that can be customized specifically to create derivative works
  • Inspiration to accelerate innovation and app development ​by others ​

What clever and unique solutions can you build on top of these basic blocks?​

Get Started

To access the Lighthouse Apps source code on Github, follow these initial, one-time steps:

  1. Create an account on Github, if you don’t already have one
  2. Update your HP Developers Portal Profile:  enter your Github username as the value for Github User ID
  3. Login to Github
  4. Click on the desired Lighthouse Apps link below:
  • You might receive an email inviting you to access the respective Github repository.  If so, follow the instructions in this email.
  • You may not receive this invitation email if you had already accepted the invitation or you have been given access previously in another manner.

Links to the Lighthouse Apps source code on Github:

Note:  For success, you must be logged into your Github account and have previously followed the Get Started steps, above.

Get Support

For questions or comments, please use the Workpath Support Forum.