Android10 Beta2 Starts Now

Android 10 Beta2 Starts Now! 

Thank you to all of the HP Workpath App developers who participated in the initial Android10 Beta, especially if you reported issues. Only by working together can we achieve a high quality release and minimize any customer disruptions when they upgrade their devices.

If you missed it or if you simply want to verify that we've fixed an issue you already reported, HP is happy to announce the availability of Android10 Beta2.

Moving the HP Workpath Platform to API 29 will require additional testing on your part to check for compatibility with your app. And in some cases, code changes and resubmission for App Center V&V will be required.

Download the Android10 Beta2 firmware from the Download page now and take it for a test drive with your app.

Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall all apps and remove the printer from HP Command Center (if the printer had been previously added)
2. Perform a format disk operation
3. Install the Android 10 Beta2 firmware from a USB thumb drive
4. Configure the printer’s web proxy (if necessary)
5. Register the printer with HP Web Services (if necessary)
6. Enable LDB mode
7. Install your app using the latest HPKTool
8. Push your app’s App Attestation debug credentials using the latest HPKTool (if necessary)
9. Run your app, noting all anomalies encountered

For any anomalies found, first check the release notes for known issues. Then check your usage of the APIs. In our testing so far, most of the anomalies were actually due to the app’s incorrect use of the APIs or reliance on deprecated APIs (For example, using targetSDKVersion < 26).

If an unknown defect in the Workpath Platform is proven or even strongly suspected, please report it through the Workpath SDK support forum. Indicate in your post that you are using the Android10 Beta2 firmware image.

Please complete your testing/verification by October 2 to ensure time to address any issues found.