HP Workpath SDK 1.4.1 (Rename Preview) Now Available

HP is pleased to announce availability of the HP Workpath SDK version 1.4.1  (Workpath name change preview)

As we announced in December, HP has been working to implement the name change from “HP JetAdvantage Link for Device” to “HP Workpath” throughout our ecosystem. And while not all of this work is complete, we are pleased to announce the availability of the first HP Workpath SDK package with the new naming implemented throughout, including the APIs (namespaces, types, methods, etc.) -- HP Workpath SDK v1.4.1.

This new Workpath SDK v1.4.1 is functionally equivalent to the JetAdvantage Link or Device SDK v1.4.0 in every way – only the names have changed. It is also backward compatible with existing device firmware. But due to the API name changes, you will need to make the corresponding name changes in your app code in order to use it.

All future SDK releases will use the new Workpath naming convention, so you will need to make this change to your app eventually. So why wait? By downloading the new Workpath SDK 1.4.1 and rebuilding your app now, you will avoid this additional step when you upgrade to an even newer SDK to access additional features in the future.

The HP Workpath SDK v1.4.1 is available on the Downloads page.