Lighthouse Apps for JetAdvantage Link now Available


HP is pleased to announce the release of Lighthouse Apps for JetAdvantage Link

Lighthouse apps are:

  • An open source collection of HP authored Link apps​
  • Scan To… Apps
    • Scan to Email
    • Scan to FTP
    • Scan to SMB (Network Folder)
  • Cloud Storage Apps
    • HP for Box
    • HP for Dropbox
    • HP for Google Drive
    • HP for OneDrive
    • HP for OneDrive Business
    • HP for SharePoint

Lighthouse apps provide:

  • Proof that the Link platform supports sophisticated and valuable apps
  • Validation that the Link APIs are simple to use and well documented​
  • Componentized sample code to leverage for your own Link App development purposes - use the parts you need
  • Demonstration of best practices (security, usability, etc.)
  • Fully functional app source code that can be customized specifically to create derivative works
  • Inspiration to accelerate innovation and App development ​by others

What clever and unique solutions can you build on top of these basic building blocks?​

For more information and to get access to the code, see the new Lighthouse Apps page.