Link for Device SDK Version 1.3.0 Now Available

HP is pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.0 of the Link for Device SDK.


In August of last year HP announced the Developers Release of JetAdvantage Link for Device SDK on the Developer’s Portal, providing developers powerful and simpler ways to create print and scan integrations for end-users. We are excited to add even more capabilities on our platform in our latest release, JetAdvantage Link for Device SDK version 1.3.0 (associated with the release of FutureSmart Bundle device firmware).


Link for Device SDK (version 1.3.0):

Please note: A device firmware upgrade to FutureSmart Bundle is required to use this SDK. An announcement will be made when the firmware is available on In the meantime, the firmware has been made temporarily available for download from the SDK Download page.

Download the new SDK from the Download page.

Major new features of this version include:

  • Official Support of recently introduced Devices (some require a 2GB DIMM accessory). See the updated Compatible Devices page for details.
  • (App) Attestation API and the HP Token Proxy – Eliminate OAuth Client Secrets from your apps by managing your Client Credentials in HP’s cloud and using HP’s Token Proxy (See how here)
  • (USB) Accessory API – Apps can now read from and write to USB (HID Class) Accessories, including authentication card readers (See AccessoryOverview.pdf)
  • Copy API – Create, Store, Enumerate, Release, and Delete Stored Copy Jobs (See CopySampleOverview.pdf)
  • Mass Storage API – Listen for Mass Storage events and read/write to Mass Storage (See MassStorageOverview.pdf)


New/Enhanced Sample Apps:

  • New AttestationSample – Demonstrates use of the HP Token Proxy
  • New AccessorySample – Demonstrates basic USB accessory usage
  • New AccessoryAgentSample – Demonstrates use of a USB card reader accessory for Authentication
  • New CopySample – Demonstrates how to perform Copy and Stored Copy functions
  • New EmailSample – Demonstrates how to send email using either the printer’s SMTP or custom SMTP settings
  • New LauncherSample – Demonstrates how to create a “Kiosk Mode” (a.k.a. Launcher) App
  • New MassStorageSample – Demonstrates how to listen for Mass Storage events and read/write to Mass Storage
  • New MultiLanguageSample – Demonstrates sub-activity buttons and multilanguage button labels
  • Enhanced Scan and Print Samples – Now include job status
  • Enhanced Config Sample – Now includes a default config in the HPK

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • Platform Versioning

To enable a simple app compatibility check before installation, we have introduced a platform versioning scheme into this SDK and firmware release, of the form {Android API Level}.{Link API Level}. In this first release, the Platform Version is 19.3. Starting on 7/19/2019, all apps uploaded to the App Center will be required to include a minimum platform version declaration in the HPK (See the new HPKTool in this SDK for details).

Coming soon:


  • The SDK 1.3 device simulator will be available soon.


  • [MASSSTORAGE] Size of getFreeSpace() and getTotalSpace() is not correct.