Oreo is here! FutureSmart firmware and Link for Device SDK 1.4 Now Available

HP is pleased to announce the release of Oreo and version 1.4 of the Link for Device SDK.

In June of last year at the 2019 HP JetAdvantage Partner Conference, HP announced our intention to upgrade the HP JetAdvantage Link for Device platform to API version 26 (a.k.a. Oreo) within a year. We are happy to announce that the implementation is now complete, and is included in the latest FutureSmart Bundle (4.10). Thank you to those of you who participated in the Oreo Beta program, helping us ensure the quality of the platform.

To enable all the new features in API version 26, we are also pleased to announce the release of the JetAdvantage Link for Device SDK version 1.4 (associated with the release of FutureSmart Bundle 4.10 device firmware).

Link for Device SDK and Simulator (version 1.4):

Please note: A device firmware upgrade to FutureSmart Bundle 4.10 is required to use this SDK. The firmware will be available on hp.com soon. In the meantime, the firmware has been made temporarily available for download from the SDK Download page.

Download the new SDK and Simulator from the Download page.

Major new features of this version include:

  • Android API Version 26 (Oreo)

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • HPKTool Change

It is now possible to package a Home Screen (Kiosk) App that also uses Accessories


  • [MASSSTORAGE] Size of getFreeSpace() and getTotalSpace() is not correct.


Tips for making sure your apps are “Oreo ready”:

For any anomalies found in your app, first check your usage of the APIs. Most of the anomalies found during Beta were actually due to the app’s incorrect use of the APIs or reliance on deprecated APIs.