Platform Versions

FS Firmware Version

Android OS Version Android API Version Workpath API Version Workpath Platform Version Major Features Introduced Kitkat 19 Beta Beta Print, Scan, Device Info, App Config, Access (Authenticated User Info)
4.7 Kitkat 19 Beta Beta Authenticaton Agents (Custom Device User Authentication) Kitkat 19 3 19.3 USB Accessories (Proximity Card Readers, Barcode Readers, etc.), App Attestation, Copy, Email, Kiosk (Launcher), Mass Storage (USB Thumb Drives) Kitkat 19 4 19.4 Security Patch (Recommended Upgrade)
Oreo 26 4 26.4 Oreo
5.1 Android 10 29 4 29.4 Android 10


App developers should always use the latest available SDK, but specify the minimum Workpath platform version required to run the app when packaging. This will ensure the app will be able to run on the largest possible set of devices (without requiring a firmware upgrade).

Note: Due to hardware limitations, not all devices are compatible with Workpath (even with a listed firmware version installed). Certain devices require a RAM upgrade to be compatible. See the Compatible Devices list for details.