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HP does not provide telephone support for Linux printing. All support is provided online by clicking the "Ask a Question" button below.

Before submitting a ticket for support, please search the HPLIP Knowledge Base for possible answers to your questions/or for troubleshooting your problem.

When posting a support ticket, please send this information along with your report:

1. Your Linux Distribution and version.
2. Your printer make/model.
3. If possible, run 'hp-check -t' and post the output.
4. A detailed explanation of your problem.
5. Steps to recreate the problem.

The HPLIP site is available to get help, report bugs, make suggestions, discuss the HPLIP project or otherwise contact the HPLIP Team.

Our goal is to assist you as well as we can, but we are unable to assist with any hardware problems. If you are experiencing a hardware problem with your HP printer, please contact HP Support.

Note: Windows and OS X not supported

For Windows and OS X users seeking drivers and/or support, please go to HPLIP does NOT support either of these operating systems.


Other Support Information

HPLIP is free, open source software distributed under the MIT, BSD, and GPL license. HP does not provide formal consumer or commercial support for this software. Support is provided informally through a series of resources at and on this HP sponsored website. Here at this website you will find FAQ's, installation instructions, listing of supported (and unsupported) HP printers, as well as other support documentation. If you need hardware support or additional assistance with non-Linux operating systems (such as Windows or Mac) go to the HP Support site. Note: is owned and operated by Sourceforge, Inc. and is not affiliated with HP.

Launchpad provides tools to open source projects including; Bug Tracking, Code hosting and tracking, Translations, Package building and hosting, Blueprint – specification tracking and answers – community support. The Launchpad "Gem" Logo was created by Eugene Tretyak as part of the Launchpad Logo Contest. The Launchpad Logo is owned by Canonical Ltd and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Note: is owned and operated by Canonical Ltd and is not affiliated with HP.

The OpenPrinting initiative at the Linux Foundation offers general Linux printing assistance and services for users, distributions, developers, and printer manufacturers. The initiative also coordinates the development of the printing infrastructure under Linux, organizes conferences and meetings for developers, and offers a web site with open discussion forums and documentation. It provides access to PPD files and drivers and automatic installation by printer setup tools. Note: HP is a sponsor of the OpenPrinting initiative. OpenPrinting is maintained through the generous efforts of Till Kamppeter at the Linux Foundation.

Information about CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) is available at This website also contains forums and other support resources for printing on linux. Note: CUPS and the CUPS website are owned and operated by Apple, Inc and is not affiliated with HP.