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OXPd2 is the newest generation of HP's printer extensibility platform for server-based solutions (a.k.a. "middleware").

By making it easy to connect HP printers to 3rd party middleware, the OXPd2 platform offers 3rd party solution developers opportunities in the large market for print-to-digital integration with on-premises and legacy systems, as well as creative new solutions utilizing the unique capabilities of HP printers.

The OXPd2 SDK enables app developers to:

  • Create rich, browser-based user experiences on the devices' large touch-screen displays
  • Securely scan (with metadata) to any on premises or private-cloud based middleware, directly from the device
  • Securely print from any any on premises or private-cloud based middleware, directly to the device
  • Securely authenticate walkup users with custom authentication mechanisms, including proximity cards
  • Control walkup users' access to device functions with custom authorization logic
  • Collect and aggregate device usage data across a fleet of devices
  • Collect and aggregate job usage statistics across a fleet of devices for bill-back/auditing purposes
  • Impose usage quotas for individual users across a fleet of devices
  • Construct server-based Kiosk-type (pay for use) solutions
  • Verify your solution for world-wide deployment to HP devices. (Note: All solutions must be verified before they can be deployed to HP devices. See the Publish page for more details.)


Get Started

To start exploring OXPd2:

  1. Download the latest OXPd2 SDK release from the Downloads page. It contains:
    • demos - Functional solutions demonstrating OXPd2 services.
    • documentation - A documentation application for OXPd2, which includes overviews, code examples and API documentation for each service and detailed tutorials for the tools, examples, and demos included in the SDK.
    • examples - A set of examples demonstrating how to use the client library.
    • libraries - Client libraries for OXPd2 Services.
    • specifications - The OXPd2 service specifications.
    • tools - a Solution Packaging Utility to create solution bundles, and Postman collections for stand-alone exploration of the SDK's APIs and operations.
  2. Download the latest OXPd2 Simulator from the Downloads page. This simulator can run in a VM and uses the same firmware installed on OXPd2 compatible print devices.
  3. Unzip the SDK.
  4. Open the documentation folder and launch the oxpd2-sdk-documentation application.
  5. Follow instructions in the Getting Started > SDK User Guide to setup your development environment and explore the contents of the SDK.

Start Developing

How it Works

The OXPd2 Platform lets you install your solution bundle (which defines the web interfaces between the device and your middleware) on an HP printer. Your solution will use the OXPd2 embedded web browser and web APIs to utilize and extend the functions of the device.

You will develop your app using many of the same tools and technologies you already use to develop web applications and services. 

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