Preserving the original Print Developers Community

Will Hertling, founder of the Print Dev CommunityIn early 2015 Will Hertling of HP and a cadre of like-minded developers decided that the world needed a developer community dedicated to printing. In February of that year, they created, an unofficial Wordpress site. Print-dev proved immediately useful and popular.

When HP rolled out a company-wide Developers Portal 10 months later, we preserved the website, renaming it as Printing Fundamentals for Developers. Visitors to the old site bounc to the Printing Fundamentals page on the new all-HP portal. That means the tips and tutorials that Will and others pulled together have been preserved.

As we say farewell to Will's Wordpress site, let's remember his original announcement of the Print Dev Community:

The Print Developers Community is a new site focusing on helping software developers who are integrating printing functionality into web, mobile, or PC applications.

We’ve noticed that developers sometimes have a hard time finding people to answer their questions about printing in other developer communities. By creating a forum focused solely on print, we hope to solve that problem. We noticed that sometimes there are gaps in developer documentation, especially when it comes to good cross-platform ways to handle print, or the question of the best way to present content formatted for print. We’re creating a tutorials area for these topics. Of course, we don’t want to duplicate what’s out there, so we’re gathering links to some of the best content on printing that already exists.

The core team behind the Print Developers Community are HP employees, but we’re open to all discussions about improving print.

Will's Code Tutorials

Here are Will's code tutorials that we have migrated to Print Fundamentals for Developers on the HP Developers' Portal

Will's blog and forum posts

Thanks for the kickstart, Will. We will preserve your open, egalitarian spirit as we support and grow the Print Developer Community on the HP Developers' Portal. We will be looking for you in the Forum.

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The Skipper

Author : william.hertling

Hi, I am using HP Officejet Pro 8100 Printer (Model-VCVRA-1101). I want to bind this printer to my application (java/jsp). I need to know the serial no of the printer and the status of the printer job like success/fail/cancel/paper out/low ink etc. from my application . So, I am looking for SDK for the above purpose. Can anyone please help me in this regards ? Thanks Basir

Good morning basir.leon, I am the Forum Moderator. I will bring your question to the attention of our R&D Developers.

I am the Content Editor for the HP Developers Portal. This is an unusual question for us. I am looking for the Laserjet printing expert who can answer your question.