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Welcome to the community that respects paper and printing

If you believe that ink on paper has enduring, practical value, then this is the community for you. This part of the HP Developers' portal is devoted to webpage and mobile printing. (HP's Mobile Printing SDK has been deprecated.)

Here you can find answers to your questions about integrating printing into your apps, websites and web services. This is an HP portal, but we welcome all developers, regardless of printer brand, corporate affiliation, or operating system. You just have to respect paper and appreciate the enduring value of printing.

Note to Android developers: mobile printing became fully native on Android Oreo.

Make print work for your apps and web pages

More than half a billion printers are installed in homes and offices around the world. As a developer, how can you make them work for you, your apps and your clients? 

  • Check out what the "Mommy Blogger" did with printable menu plans. Printing from her website is bringing in a steady $700 a month using her existing content. Read how she does it.

If you are stumped by a printing problem, post your question on our community Forum. If the community doesn't have an answer for you, our portal editor will pass your problem promptly to HP developers.

Expand your awareness

Web and PC printing was around long before APIs, so a lot can be done within the existing HTML code. Many of the tools you need for excellent web printing were unlocked decades ago. Our community blog and tutorials will help you expand your awareness of those tools.

Share your experience

If you have a favorite code trick, tweak, or use of print for your web pages and apps, please share it on our community Forum. Your technique may be featured in a future blog post. 

Mommy Blogger Stephanie O'Dea“Of all the different ways I have monetized my blog, printable meal plans were the easiest and the most no-brainer.”

Stephanie O'Dea, Queen of Crock Pot Cooking
and author of The Mommy Blogger Next Door

Read how she does it.