CUPS filters commands to print to file

The general format of cupsfilter command is

cupsfilter -e -i <input mime type> -m <output mime type> -p <ppd file name> <input file> > <output file> 2> /dev/null

Following are the sample commands for PCL3 and PCLm rendering


cupsfilter -e -i application/pdf -m "printer/pcl3gui2" -p hp-envy_photo_7800_series.ppd test.pdf > out.prn 2> /dev/null


cupsfilter -e -i application/pdf -m "printer/hbpl1" -p hp-PCLM.ppd -o media=A4 test.pdf > out.prn 2> /dev/null

Note: "-e" option is required to tell cupsfilter command to use filter from the ppd. Without it you will not get

the desired rendered content.

For more info. Please run the following command on the terminal

"cupsfilter -h"