Known Issues in HPLIP Releases

Known Issues in 3.17.6
1. Edge to Edge Not supported

2. Grayscale option is present even though Saturn is a mono device

Known Issues in 3.17.4

1. Page orientation is not changing for post script documents from evince.

2. Edge to Edge Not supported

3. Fax check box is enabled for the M227d device even thought it does not support it

Known Issues in 3.15.6


1. Borderless printing is incorrect with HP Deskjet 3630 device on RHEL5.x and RHEL6.x.

2. Unable to install Plugin in Graphical mode on Fedora22. The workaround for this is to set “QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=native” and launch the GUI application as root. 

Known Issues in 3.12.10


1. Printing fails on OpenSUSE 12.2  for the standard document (except .ps) format (poppler "setoverprintmode" issue). For any updates on this issue please visit

Known Issues in 3.12.6


1. Unable to configure Wi-Fi through USB for HP LaserJet 400 MFP M425

2. Secure Printing is not supported in RHEL 5.0 for Image Viewer and GIMP

3. For Secure Print job from LibreOffice in Fedora16,

  • Select Postscript Level3 for Printer Language Type under Print->Properties->Device tab

1. Auto print queue configuration does not happen during USB plugin(Plug & Play) on OpenSuse 12.3. Print queue needs to be added manually using 'hp-setup' command.

Known Issues in 3.15.4

Applies To
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise flow M880 Multifunction Printer series HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M855 Printer series HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 Printer Series HP LaserJet Enterprise flow M830 Mutlifunction Printer Series

  Some of the  features like Hole-Punch depend upon the paper size orientation. Due to some external limitations, Linux driver cannot apply Orientation constraints in the Print Dialogs and therefore following invalid combinations will also be selectable in print dialogs. Printer will ignore these combinations, if selected by users.

1. Portrait orientation and 4 hole punch Top

2. Landscape orientation and 4 hole punch Left

3. Landscape orientation and 4 hole punch Right

Known Issues in 3.15.2


1.Please restart cups service, if you see the below warning message during HPLIP installation.
'An error occured running 'su -c "service cups restart"' '

2. On Fedora 21 'hp-logcapture' will not capture error_log as location of the file is changed. The work around is to modify /etc/cups/cups-files.conf file to change the ErrorLog line to /var/log/cups/error_log

3. Visit for Python3 limitations for HPLIP

Known Issues in 3.12.4

  1. Wireless configuration using command “hp-wificonfig” for HP LaserJet Pro CP 1025nw Color Printer is not supported. For workaround please refer to the node
  2. Configuration fail in auto installation of hplip-3.12.4 from file due to secure “/tmp” creation in cups-libs package installation in Fedora-16. Please refer