Platform Versions

FS Firmware Version OXPd2 Platform Version Major Features Introduced VAV End of Support for the Platform Version
6.3 (pre-release) Beta 1 Solution Manager (Solution Registration and Installation), Application (Application Registration and Customization), Print Services, Solution Packaging Utility Not Supported
6.7 (pre-release) Beta 2 Authentication, Device Services Not Supported
6.10 (pre-release) Beta 3 USB Accessories (Proximity Card and Barcode Readers) Service Not Supported


Apps targeting a given Platform Version and submitted on or after that Platform Version's VAV End of Support date will fail VAV.

App developers should always use the latest available SDK, but specify the minimum OXPd2 platform version still supported by VAV and required to run the app when packaging. This will ensure the app will be able to run on the largest possible set of devices.

Note: Not all devices are compatible with OXPd2. See the Compatible Devices list to verify compatibility.