HP Indigo SDK and API information

The are a number of different integration tools available to interact with the HP Indigo devices. Each tool has it's own specialty or focus and provides a specific set of interaction options. There are:

  • JDF/JMF Based:
    • PrintOS Production Pro Commercial
    • PrintOS Production Pro L&P
    • L&P Print Server powered by Esko
  • API based:
    • PrintOS Printbeat API
    • PrintOS Printbeat Jobs API
    • PrintOS Composer API *
    • PrintOS Box API *
  • PrintOS Production Center SDK *
  • HP Spark SDK *

( * Not included in the functionality chart below. These are not intended to directly interface with HP Indigo devices, but with other solution components.)
Integration tools functionality chart

To get an overview and an idea of which tool to use in which scenario, please have a look at the chart to the right:

This will provide you with guidance, especially if you are starting your investigation into integrating with HP Indigo products. Once you have a good idea of the overall general capabilities available, you can select which integration tool covers your general needs. After that you can start looking at the information pages on the individual integration tools and drill down to see if all the exact data is available and fits the purpose of your intended integration.