Best Practices

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Embeding Omnicept runtime into your application's installer

Omnicept uses merge modules (.msm) files.  Your app can import the run time .msms files into your MSI installer.

Another option is not embedding Omnicept and having the end user install Omnicept Runtime on their own in a "golden image" or manually.


Accommodation-vergence conflict

In HP Reverb, the virtual image is set optically around 1.6m away from our eyes, and it is fixed.  We may feel like the object is 6m (or some other distance) away due to the 3D stereo effect, but it is set optically ~1.6m from our eyes.  Different VR products may have different distance, but it is similar.

Also all VR headsets have an accommodation-vergence conflict,  read more: 

Accommodation and Vergence in Head-mounted Displays