How to use the Developer's Console

Understanding of the functionality of the Omnicept Developer Console will be a huge asset to your integration of Omnicept.  


Converting your license from Core

Login to the Developer's Console and select Organization

Under the Licenses and Ordering tab, you will select Update to Full License

Now you can follow the on-screen instructions to convert your license.

Please note, once you convert your license type - make sure that your application is using the correct license credentials. The app and client ID will be the same as it was in Core, but the license type will be changed.  Your application license type must match what is in the Developer's Console.

Create a New/Additional organization


If you need to use a different license type, you will need to create a new Organization.

Under the Organization tab on the developer's console, select CREATE.

You can then convert this to the correct license type.

Add developers and admins to your organization for Omnicept console access


For adding a developer head the developers tab and click the invite button:

Invite with an email address, here is also where you decide if they will have admin privileges or they will not.  Admin privileges will allow the added user to add others as well as view and edit applications in the Developer Console.   Without Admin privileges, the added user can login but not be able to view the application secret keys.