BIOS and Device

This module provides basic querying of device attributes and manipulation of HP BIOS settings and managing the HP BIOS. For more information about HP BIOS Settings, please consult the Understanding HP BIOS Settings page.

The following functionality is currently available:

Querying system attributes

Function Description
Get-HPBIOSVersion Retrieve the current BIOS version
Get-HPBIOSAuthor Retrieve the current BIOS author
Get-HPDeviceManufacturer Retrieve the current device's manufacturer
Get-HPDeviceModel Retrieve the current device model
Get-HPDevicePartNumber Retrieve the current device Part Number (SKU)
Get-HPDeviceSerialNumber Retrieve the current device serial number
Get-HPDeviceAssetTag Retrieve the current device asset tag
Get-HPDeviceProductID Retrieve the device product ID
Get-HPDeviceUUID Get device UUID via standard OS providers
Get-HPDeviceUptime Get system uptime

Checking BIOS versions

Function Description
Get-HPBIOSUpdates Query the list of available updates for a platformID
Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate Check and apply available BIOS updates using Windows Update packages
Add-HPBIOSWindowsUpdateScripts Apply BIOS updates using a Windows Update package

Working with HP BIOS Settings directly

Function Description
Get-HPBIOSSetting Retrieve a complete HP BIOS Setting in a variety of formats
Get-HPBIOSSettingValue Retrieve an HP BIOS Setting value
Get-HPBIOSSettingsList Retrieve all HP BIOS Settings in a variety of formats
Set-HPBIOSSettingValue Set an HP BIOS Setting value
Set-HPBIOSSettingValuesFromFile Import BIOS settings from a file
Set-HPBIOSSettingDefaults Reset BIOS settings to shipping defaults

Working with HP BIOS passwords

Function Description
Get-HPBIOSSetupPasswordIsSet Check if an HP BIOS Setup password is currently active
Set-HPBIOSSetupPassword Set the current BIOS Setup password
Clear-HPBIOSSetupPassword Clear the current BIOS Setup password
Get-HPBIOSPowerOnPasswordIsSet Check if an HP BIOS Power-On password is currently active
Set-HPBIOSPowerOnPassword Set the current BIOS Power-On password
Clear-HPBIOSPowerOnPassword Clear the current BIOS Power-On password


Function Description
Get-HPDeviceBootInformation Get boot mode (UEFI vs Legacy), uptime, etc
Get-HPDeviceDetails Map System IDs to product names or to supported operating systems
Get-HPCMSLEnvironment Get HP-CMSL environment configuration

Working with UEFI variables

Function Description
Set-HPUEFIVariable This function sets the value of a UEFI variable. If the variable does not exist, it is created
Get-HPUEFIVariable This function reads the value of a UEFI variable
Remove-HPUEFIVariable This function removes a UEFI variable from a well-known or user-supplied namespace