Clear the BIOS Setup password


Clear-HPBIOSSetupPassword [-Password] <String> [[-ComputerName] <Object>] [<CommonParameters>]

Clear-HPBIOSSetupPassword [-Password] <String> [-CimSession] <CimSession> [<CommonParameters>]


This function clears the BIOS setup password. To set the password, use Set-HPBIOSSetupPassword


Name Argument Description
Password <String> The existing setup password. Use Get-HPBIOSSetupPasswordIsSet to determine if a password is currently set.
ComputerName <Object> Execute the command on specified target computer. If not specified, the command is executed on the local computer.
CimSession <CimSession> A pre-established CIM Session (as created by New-CIMSession cmdlet). Use this to pass a preconfigured session object to optimize remote connections or specify the connection protocol (Wsman or DCOM). If not specified, the function will create its own one-time use CIM Session object, and default to DCOM protocol.


  • Requires HP BIOS.
  • Use single quotes around the password to prevent PowerShell from interpreting special characters in the string.
  • Multiple attempts to change the password with an incorrect existing password may trigger BIOS lockout mode, which can be cleared by rebooting the system.


PS C:\> Clear-HPBIOSSetupPassword -Password 'oldpw'

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