Check and apply available BIOS updates using Windows Update packages


Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate [[-Severity] <String>] [[-Family] <String>] [[-Url] <String>] [[-Quiet]] [[-SaveAs] <String>] [[-Download]] [[-Flash]] [[-Yes]] [[-Force]] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate [-Version] <String> [[-Family] <String>] [[-Url] <String>] [[-Quiet]] [[-SaveAs] <String>] [[-Download]] [[-Flash]] [[-Yes]] [[-Force]] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate [[-Family] <String>] [[-Url] <String>] [-List] [<CommonParameters>]


This function uses an internet service to get the list of BIOS capsule updates available for a platform family, and optionally install the update in the current system. The versions available through this function may differ from Get-HPBIOSUpdate since this relies on the Microsoft capsules availability. This can be delayed due to the Windows Update in-flight processes.


Name Argument Description
Severity <String> If specified, returns the available BIOS for the specified severity: Latest or LatestCritical.
Version <String> The BIOS version to download. If not specified, the latest version available will be downloaded.
Family <String> The Platform Family to check. If not specified, check the current platform family.
Url <String> Alternate Url source to provide platform's BIOS update catalog (xml).
Quiet Do not display a progress bar during BIOS file download.
SaveAs <String> The filename for the downloaded BIOS file. If not specified, the remote file name will be used.
In order to use the downloaded file with Add-HPBIOSWindowsUpdateScripts the name must follow the standard: platform family (3 digit) + underscore + BIOS version (6 digits) + .cab, for instance:
Download Download the BIOS file to the current directory or a path specified by saveAs.
Flash Apply the BIOS update to the current system.
Yes Answer 'yes' to the 'Are you sure you want to flash' prompt. To prevent flashing the BIOS accidentally it is recommended to not specify Yes by default.
Force Force the BIOS to update, even if the target BIOS is already installed.
List Display a list with all BIOS versions available for the specified platform.


  • Requires Windows group policy support


PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -List -Family R70

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -Flash -Severity Latest

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -Flash -Severity LatestCritical

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -Flash -Severity LatestCritical -Family R70

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -Flash -Severity LatestCritical -Family R70 -Version "01.09.00"

PS C:\> Get-HPBIOSWindowsUpdate -Flash -Severity LatestCritical -Family R70 -Version "01.09.00" -SaveAs ""