Get platform name, system ID, or operating system support using either the platform name or its system ID.


Get-HPDeviceDetails [[-Platform] <String>] [-OSList] [<CommonParameters>]

Get-HPDeviceDetails [-Name] <String> [[-Like]] [-OSList] [<CommonParameters>]


This function retrieves information about the platform, given a platform name or system id. It can be used to convert between platform name and system IDs. Note that a platform may have multiple system IDs, or a system ID may map to multiple platforms.

Currently returns the following information:

  • SystemID - the system iD for this platform
  • FamilyID - the platform family ID
  • Name - the name of the platform
  • DriverPackSupport - this platform supports driver packs

Get-HPDeviceDetails functionality is not supported in WinPE.


Name Argument Description
Platform <String> Query by platform id (a 4-digit hexadecimal number).
Name <String> Query by platform name. The name must match exactly, unless the -match parameter is also specified.
Like Relax the match to a substring match. if the platform contains the substring defined by the -Name parameter, it will be included in the return. This parameter can also be specified as Match, for backwards compatibility.

This parameter is now obsolete and may be removed at a future time. You can simply pass wildcards in the name field instead of using the like parameter.
The following two examples are identical:

Get-HPDeviceDetails -name '*EliteBook*'

is the same as:

Get-HPDeviceDetails -like -name 'EliteBook'
OSList Return the list of supported operating systems for the specified platform.


PS C:\> Get-HPDeviceDetails -Platform 8100

PS C:\> Get-HPDeviceDetails -Name 'HP ProOne 400 G3 20-inch Touch All-in-One PC'

PS C:\> Get-HPDeviceDetails -Like -Name '840 G5'