This document contains the release history for the Client Management Script Library.

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[1.2.1] - April 2019

  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where the library could not be imported by user scripts.
  • [FIX] Fixed issues related to using flash operations in Windows PE.
  • [CHANGED] BIOS updates severity rating now uses values matching the Softpaq severity rating.

[1.2.0] - March 2019

  • [NEW] Get-HPDeviceBootInformation quickly identifies if a system is booted in UEFI or Legacy, and whether secure boot is on.
  • [NEW] Get-HPDeviceUptime retrieves when the system was booted, and how long it's been up.
  • [NEW] Get-HPBIosUpdates now supports downloading and flashing BIOS, on Windows 10 1709 and later.
  • [NEW] Write-HPFirmwarePassword is an utility function that can create a BiosConfigUtility-compatible password
  • [NEW] Update-HPFirmware can flash the BIOS from a file (it's used by Get-HPBiosUpdates above) on Windows 10 1709 and later.
  • [NEW] Added Set/Get-RepositoryConfiguration to allow configuring error handlers for repository sync
  • [NEW] Write-HPFirmwarePasswordFile can create a BCU compatible password file given a plaintext password
  • [NEW] Repository now has an SSM characteristic for filtering purpos
  • [FIX] Repository can filter per version of Windows 10, specified via osver switch
  • [FIX] Reliability/concurency improvements
  • [FIX] Get-HPBIOSUpdates can handle some source files that contain Unicode BOM and were previously causing errors
  • [FIX] a number of fixes around proper creation of files reelative to current working directory, when absolute path is not specified
  • [FIX] A number of improved error messages
  • [FIX] Removed an unnecessary CVA (metadata) query during download, for Repository module
  • [FIX] Fixed warranty module HTTP user agent
  • [FIX] Removed case sensitivity when specifying softpaq type
  • [FIX] Removed case sensitivy when specifying platform ID for BIOS update checks
  • [FIX] Added retry support for repository, to compensate for some FTP servers in the cluster not being up to date
  • [FIX] The script output some Blue text which was hard to read on the default Powershell background color. Changed to Cyan.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug where category BIOS in Get-SoftpaqList filter was also returning OS entries.

[1.1.1] - October 2018

  • [FIX] Repo module - A bug was causing operations in VM or non-HP machines to fail, and may have caused incorrect results in some corner cases.
  • [FIX] Installer - The option to unpack without installing was missing.

[1.1.0] - September 2018

  • [NEW] New module - Softpaq Repository (repo). This allows for organizing softpaq downloads for one or more platforms.
  • [NEW] New module - Firmware. This module adds support for viewing Surestart logs, and replacing the 'hp' boot logo with an customer-provided log. Note that this module requires Windows 10.
  • [NEW] Bios and device module - Bios settings functions now suport -target \ parameter, which allows manipulating settings on a remote PC.
  • [NEW] Warranty module - Support for environment-based configuration of key and secret in the warranty module
  • [CHANGED] Softpaq module - Softpaqs can now optionally be referenced with the 'sp' prefix, rather than just the number.
  • [CHANGED] All modules - Modules were reorganized to accomodate future reuse.
  • [CHANGED] All modules - In-code documentation (via Get-Help) and online (developer portal) documentation is synchronized, and support for get-help -online switch.
  • [CHANGED] All modules - Parameters were normalized for consistency.
  • [FIX] Previously the modules were installed under %ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\HP.ClientScriptLibrary folder. This was causing some module load errors n certain platforms. Now they are installed directly to %ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder.
  • [FIX] Softpaq module - A bug was fixed which was causing certain platform IDs to return a "404-not found" when querying HP.COM for softpaq datafiles.
  • [FIX] Softpaq module - A bug was fixed in the softpaq module which was causing extraneous output when retrieving a list of softpaqs for a platform.
  • [FIX] Warranty module - Deprecation of some SSL protocols was not handled properly in some casess
  • [FIX] Warranty module - Fixed support for warranty batch files with batch size of 1
  • [FIX] bios-cli - Fixed multiple issues in bios-cli utility.
  • [FIX] Multiple bug fixes across the library.

[1.0.0] - July 2018

  • This is the initial release.